Welcome to Binbox

  • Monday, 27th November, 2017
  • 00:00am

We are glad to announce that a new data center services provider has just entered the market: BinBox Global Services.

While launching our services, Binbox also acquires Castlegem (IT&C British provider, on the market since 1980) and becomes global company.

With this move Binbox expands its infrastructure and audience, concentrating its endeavors(addressing) to an international community and in the same time becoming an important provider for the IT&C global market.

Thus, Binbox owns or operates Data Center Facilities in the following locations: UK, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, USA and Romania.

Binbox is aware that everyone is different and the needs are constantly growing in the Romanian market but we are ready to help you with our new custom solutions, designed to satisfy your needs.

The new website www.binbox.com is designed to simplify(facilitate) the ordering process and is also ready to deliver any data center solution you might need.

The Binbox Team is fully trained and qualified to provide any information in regards with: sales, billing or technical situations (abuse, NOC, DNS, software administration, server administration, etc.).

Ensuring this expansion, Binbox establishes strengthen on the relationship with its customers and engage to always meet their needs. Being a CISCO partner, we always pay attention to details and we always make sure that your technology is up to date.

Furthermore, starting from today, a special(limited) campaign is running on our website. Virtual and Dedicated servers with Microsoft SQL preinstalled(pre-enabled, preconfigured) are ready to be delivered on Windows and Linux, as well. What’s new for the Romanian market is that Binbox offers support and fully administration for these servers (for both systems, operating system and Microsoft SQL database).

Our goal is to assure trustworthy, flexible and flawless solutions to our customers.

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